Honoring your Child

You have lost the love of your life, your child, the hopes and dreams you had for them and watching them grow.  Take time to celebrate your son or daughter by honoring the time you had with them and the moments you cherished.  From the minute you found out you were pregnant with them to the songs you would sing to them and talk to them.  You protected them and are their parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, or cousins.  Find a way to keep them alive and honor your sweet little one.  Below are some ideas on how to honor your child.  

Shadow Box .JPG
  • Create a Shadow Box of the clothing, blankets, bracelet, hat, etc.. your baby wore 

  • Write Love Letters to your Son or Daughter

  • Create a baby book that includes special moments from your pregnancy and pictures or your son/daughter

  • Balloon Release and write messages on the balloons

  • Plant a Garden or Tree in their memory

  • Share your story

  • Volunteer and give back in their memory

  • Create an advocacy group or charity

  • Buy jewelry (bracelet, ring, necklace) in their remembrance - include birthstone, date, name, etc..

  • Get a tattoo of your child’s name (birthdate, picture, etc)

  • Thank the nurses and physicians that helped you during your hospital stay - give a gift in remembrance of your child

  • Get a portrait made of your child

  • Create a special space in your home that is dedicated to your child

  • Visit your child and bring flowers to them

  • Purchase a sculpture as a remembrance keepsake

  • Purchase a brick at a local Children’s Memorial

  • Buy a Garden or Yard stone with your child’s name

  • Purchase a star in your child's name as a tribute to them

  • Sign-up for a walk and create a team in your child’s honor

Balloons .jpg

Balloon Release

On a special day whether being their birthdate, due date, another important date, or just any day you can send balloons in your child's memory as a tribute.  When you release the balloons there is a special moment as you are sending them up to your little angel.  We released balloons on Arbor Day in Arbor's memory and asked friends and family to release them at 3:10 pm when she was born.  We sent off pink and purple balloons as those are the colors we associate with her and remember saying "Fly High my sweet Arbor." #ForArborWithLove

Roses and Arbor's Garden .png


Planting a tree, plant, or garden can be very therapeutic as well as a wonderful way to honor your child.  At first, you may not be sure but when you start to see the blooms and growth of the flower or tree it reminds you of how beautiful your child was and is such a wonderful way to remember them.  There are garden stones you can get as well to add to the beauty of the area.   It isn't for everyone and if it wasn't for Adrien our garden would have died already but I have become more and more helpful with it as I see the blooms of the flowers.