Arbor's Angels started out of the loss of our baby girl, Arbor, and finding a way to honor her as well as help others that have lost an infant by Stillbirth or shortly after birth.  This site is created out of love to provide stories of those that have suffered this unbearable loss as well as suggestions on how to find solace during such a difficult time.  

Through Arbor's loss, I have realized so many suffer from these tragedies and how it completely changes your life forever.  There are many different resources to help navigate this loss but in some cases not the easiest to find.  I hope you find this site helpful as I have pulled together the websites, books, journals, and stories from others that helped me navigate the loss of Arbor.  This site is built to be a resource and guide.  

I am sorry you have suffered this unimaginable loss and are now apart of this "secret club."  It has rocked my world as I know it and has changed my life and who I am.  My hope is that you can find ways to manage through this grief and Arbor's Angels' site can be helpful in anyway towards you figuring this new life.  My heart is with you.